An Entrepreneur 20 Years

In The Making

From Real Estate to Public Education

and Back Again

I have dreamed of owning my own business for 20 years. And for 20 years I was afraid to make the leap, afraid to believe in myself and my own ideas. I don't regret that missing time - I needed to learn all of those lessons, to gain insight and experience. What drives me is a calling to create, teach and serve. I'm a teacher at heart and I take all that that entails and put it into my work.

I have a calling to CREATE, TEACH, and SERVE.

Create relationships & resources.

Teach what my clients NEED.

Serve my clients by giving them all of my

knowledge, experience, and ideas.

If you are into this sort of thing, here is a brief overview of my education and experience:

  • 30 years of professional experience

  • 20 years in the real estate and mortgage industry - from secretary to manager/director

  • 4 degrees - Associate in Business Management to Master of Curriculum & Instructional Design

  • 10 years as an Educator

Denise Klein

CEO & Chief Educator

Holly Miller

Chief Implementor & Admin Guru

It's time. Starting now.

I have over 20 years of experience in customer service. I have a passion for organizing data, and I take pride in using my skills to help others.

In addition to my customer service and data entry experience, I also attended cosmetology school and received my license. This has given me a strong creative streak and a love for all things beauty and aesthetics.

Overall, my experience has allowed me to develop strong interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as a talent for problem-solving. I thrive on providing exceptional customer service and finding solutions that exceed expectations. I look forward to utilizing my skills and experience to help others and make a positive impact in any way that I can.

Client Love 💗

Our clients are the REASON we get to do the work we love.

And we are grateful beyond measure. 🙏🫂

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